Beautiful – Point of view

Beautiful – Point of view 

Beautiful. A positive word that everyone would love to hear. A simple word with deep definitions. A word that describes every wonderful creation. A word that defines a woman inside or out. See how this word is being said in different languages.

Too many definitions that can be found online and via Social Media. Research has been done to know what is a man’s point of view of a beautiful woman. Most men would see the physical beauty, but these two nailed it!

“You know what makes a woman beautiful? When she cooks me dinner.” —Tucker, 25

“Aside from her inner beauty – she is beautiful when she gets inked! —Keith, 32

It is true that most of us would see beauty physically and if we get to know the person, that is the time we see the inner beauty. However, we are not perfect, we always judge on what we see. The first impression. That is why in the real world, almost all women would spend millions just to achieve the physical beauty they wanted to see from themselves.

The technology has evolved through the years and there are a lot of ways to get your desired look. From different kind of beauty soaps up to the injectable procedures. A large number of cosmetic surgeons would offer their profession and transform your look to who you want to be. It doesn’t matter if it would cost arms and legs, you can never resist such magic!

There are some natural techniques to be beautiful or to be more beautiful in the eyes of many. Yet, we all want the fastest way of a change! We would hear a lot saying “no pain, no gain”, or “patience is a virtue”. Physical beauty will pass. Whether you got inked or you have totally made a major change of yourself physically, it will pass. True beauty will always be from within. 

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