Existence of happiness from Microblading!

Existence of happiness from Microblading!

Waking up every morning with eyebrows on fleek starts my day perfectly! Happiness may start with our eyebrows. As the popular saying says, “Eyebrows is life”. Us, women, we always wanted to have our brows gorgeously done every day.

I don’t know why I need to make my brows perfectly done every day. It was like my day would not be complete if I see my brows messy.

As microblading was originated in Asia and it was invented for cancer survivors who’d lost much or all of their brows because of chemotherapy. Microblading first rose about 25 years ago. Up until now, it is the most popular permanent makeup who gives a lot of benefits not only to us women but also with men.

Yes, microblading was made for cancer patients who suffer extreme hair loss or baldness because of chemotherapy but we can also benefit from the procedure for those who want to save precious time by drawing their brows. This is the best way also for those who are not good at drawing with their brows.

Every time we go out with our family, friends, husband or boyfriend we always make sure we are ready with our brows on fleek. And when we take time putting an eyebrow pencil, our loved ones really felt bad because of waiting. Haha! That’s very true. My husband gives me a deep sigh and a long-waiting look with the crooked forehead. They can’t blame us. We just wanted to be presentable and ready. But everything will change with this popular and beneficial permanent makeup procedure.

Us, women have happiness with simple things yet very useful to us. When our loved ones gave us flowers, chocolates and stuff toys, we were so very happy and flattered. Having our brows microbladed or shaded, we have the attitude of being practical. We can save everything especially time and money!

With today’s newest trend, everything is possible!

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