Permanent makeup’s newest trend: How does it work?

Permanent makeup’s newest trend: How does it work?

We can now easily encounter or search for anything in any Social Media about the newest trend in Permanent Makeup.

As the permanent makeup’s global success, treatments such as microblading, microshading, lip blush and eyeliner, offers the best felicity to the length of makeup routines so that you can literally get up and go.

As we don’t want to lavish a couple of time applying our make up on, especially drawing using our pencil or powdering and on how we wanted to look it naturally. This can be frustrating and time consuming to correct.

You can simplify your life! With permanent makeup, it extends the process to approximately once a year and proposes the utmost natural-looking results.

It was not just a pledge of saving time going to the trend which is the techniques that are used, the tools that are meticulously used once in every procedure and even the pigments that are used that has improved seriously.

Women who had sparse, thick, thin, unruly brows. Smudge eyeliner, pigmented lips, you can get the most flattering brows/liner/lips with these techniques.

This is where Microblading has continuously effectuated a new strategy. It has a lot of beneficial effects for us women who need the help of this technique.

For those who will undergo the procedure for the first time may feel scared and doubted, you can always ask and read some articles or reviews from the studio or salon that you wanted your brows to be done.

We might ask if does it hurt? No, where most clients say it was just the same to a very light scratch. Thanks to the big help of the numbing cream. Thanks to the knowledge and artistic hands of a permanent makeup artist, they can enhance the beautiful features in a woman’s face to look good, feel good and boost self-confidence. You can choose the shape, size, colour of your brows that will look great today and age gracefully with you.

The procedure takes two hours including the consultation, where you will discuss the process. From measuring, applying the numbing cream, drawing, and finally doing the procedure. You will be surprised that the procedure won’t hurt, it was mildly uncomfortable but way less painful than getting your eyebrows threaded. Healing period plays a vital role in achieving your desired brows. You must trust your artist and must follow the after-care instructions patiently.

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